Shibance NFT farming is LIVE. Exclusive NFTs to earn and trade!

Earn limited edition NFTs by staking in our farms!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our NFT collectibles platform on Shibance BSC! We’re simultaneously starting our NFT farming event, and our OG NFT airdrop! And this is just the beginning of Shibance’s NFT expansion…you can check out all the details below!

Earn your Gold Edition Shibu NFT! Animated version in the FAQ below.

NFT Farming Overview

You’ll be able to earn exclusive NFTs, simply by staking in one of our farms! There are NFTs associated with each team avatar, available in Silver and Gold edition. There’s also a Legendary rarity Pearl Shibu edition, which will only have 3 copies minted! There will be a snapshot on Sept 14th of your holdings, and the NFTs will be minted/distributed shortly afterwards.

We are working with Babylons to mint our NFTs, and all our NFTs will be in the Shibance Collection.

NFT Farming Guide

You can check out the previews and descriptions for each of the NFTs over on our platform. When you own the NFT, it’ll appear in full colour. You will need to stake your LP in the farm corresponding to the avatar you want to earn, and hold until the snapshot date on Sept 14.

There are two editions that can be earned for all avatars, Silver and Gold. There is also a Legendary Pearl Shibu edition, for the top 3 holders in the WOOF AutoCompounder! Here’s the list of eligible farms:

Core Farms

  • Shibu: WOOF AutoCompounder
  • SpiderPupper: WOOF-BUSD (Shibance LP)
  • Big Shibu: WOOF-BUSD (PCS LP)

Core Farms Tier Requirements

  • Silver Edition: Hold $3k USD equivalent value in the Farm
  • Gold Edition: Hold $10k USD equivalent value in the Farm
  • Pearl Edition (Shibu Only): Top 3 holders in the WOOF Autocompounder

Partner Farms

  • Lecterinu: CUPCAKE-WOOF
  • Achish: CAKE-WOOF
  • TShibusi: ASS-WOOF
  • ShibaRiba: CUMMIES-WOOF

Partner Farms Tier Requirements

  • Silver Edition: Hold $1k USD equivalent value in the Farm
  • Gold Edition: Hold $3k USD equivalent value in the Farm
Silver Edition SpiderPupper NFT! Animated version in FAQ below.

OG NFT Airdrop

As promised, our OG members will be shortly airdropped two NFTs:

These NFTs will only have 100 copies minted ever! However, our OG program is still running, with a handful of spots left. You can check out the details of how to become an OG here.

Frequently WOOFed Questions

Where to buy these NFTs?
All NFTs will be tradeable on Babylons, and are part of the Shibance Collection.

Why can’t I see any avatar NFTs in the Babylons Shibance Collection?
Avatar NFTs will be minted shortly after the snapshot date on 14th September.

Why are all the NFTs in the Shibance DAPP greyed out?
If the NFT is greyed out, it means you’re yet to collect it. Once you own one in your wallet, it will appear in full colour!

The dollar value of my LP changes depending on my WOOF holdings. How can I make sure I hold enough to qualify for the tier?
This is correct, and the best way to qualify is to ensure you hold a bit more than the threshold to give you a buffer for any price volatility.

Where can I check my LP value?
You can check your LP value on

Is this just a one-off NFT Farming event?
No! This is just the start of Shibance’s NFT development. Check out some of our other plans in the section below.

Will the NFTs be static images like above?
The NFTs are animated, and this will be displayed when they’re minted. You can check out these versions here and here!

I have some other questions on NFTs, where can I ask them?
The best place to ask is in our Telegram community, where the team, OGs, and other community members will be happy to help!

Future NFT Plans

The team is working hard to further integrate NFTs into our ecosystem, and we’re exploring various avenues:

  • KCC NFT Integration, in line with our roadmap
  • New future NFT editions (D.O.G.s, Memes, etc)
  • Partner NFTs
  • Trading Competitions to earn NFTs
  • NFT Lootbox Farming- staking WOOF to earn tokens which can then be spent on NFT Lootboxes
  • Gacha NFTs- randomised NFTs which are all unique!
  • Shibance Native NFT Marketplace
  • Plus more…

Shibance Links

As always, please follow our Twitter and Telegram announcement channels for the latest updates, and keep those memes coming in our community Telegram!



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