Shibance launches Lottery on BSC: Massive 800,000 WOOF starting prize pool!

Try your lucky $WOOFs for a chance to win!

Attention Puppers!

The Shibance Lottery is now live and has been boosted with a MASSIVE 800,000 WOOF starting prize pool. During the initial launch period, two uniquely boosted lotteries will take place, each lasting for 48 hours, and each including a boost of 400,000 WOOF tokens.

How to play

Step 1: Buy tickets

  • The price for lottery tickets is set at 100 WOOF per ticket, with discounts available for bulk buys on lottery tickets.

Step 2: Wait for the draw

  • Winning numbers are drawn periodically
  • Check the lottery page for up to date information on the timing of the next draw

Step 3: Check for prizes

  • After each round has concluded and the winning numbers have been drawn, users can check their tickets to see if they have won a prize!

Prize Funds

The prizes for each lottery round come from three sources:

Ticket Purchases

  • 100% of the WOOF funds generated by users purchasing lottery tickets are entered into the prize pool

Rollover Prizes

  • After the conclusion of each round, if the lottery has no winners, the unclaimed WOOF will rollover into the prize pool for the next round

WOOF Injections

  • An additional 30,000 WOOF from the Shibance treasury will be added to the prize pool every two weeks. This WOOF is also included in the rollover process

For more information on how to win prizes, please visit the Shibance Lottery home page.

Prize Pool Allocation

  • 1 number matched = 2%
  • 2 numbers matched = 3%
  • 3 numbers matched = 5%
  • 4 numbers matched = 10%
  • 5 numbers matched = 20%
  • 6 numbers matched = 40%
  • 20% of the tokens contributed to each lottery are burned

For further information about winning criteria please refer to the lottery home page.

Users can start purchasing their lottery tickets now! The first draw takes place on 1st September, 1 PM UTC.

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