Shibance Development Update

  • BSC Block halving
  • First lottery drawn
  • Massive token burn
  • LP relocked

Who’s counting their lucky $WOOFs?!

Attention Puppers!

It has been an incredibly busy few days behind the scenes with a lot of developments and milestones being met for Shibance. We are excited to share details about some of the recent news below.


The inaugural first lottery on BSC has come to an end. With a boosted 400,000 WOOF tokens injected into the first prize pool, this was sure to be an exciting draw!

Check out some details from the first lottery below:

Lottery Break Down

  • Total prize pool = $15,377 USD
  • 452 winning tickets with total winnings of $1,538
  • 157,914 WOOF burned! (~$3,075)
  • ~$10,764 rolled over into the next round of Lottery!

The second round of lottery is live, with an additional 400,000 WOOF tokens injected into the prize pool! The current prize pool is sitting at ~16,111 USD (~965,935 WOOF tokens)!

Block Halving and Token Burn

To celebrate the second block halving on the BSC network, we have completed a massive token burn to commemorate this occasion.

Block Halving

  • Rewards on BSC have halved from 20 WOOF/block to 10 WOOF/block
  • WOOF inflation has significantly reduced
  • Reduced emissions combined with ongoing token burns make the WOOF token much more scarce

Token Burn

The following has been burned as part of the block halving mechanism:

  • 9,354,598 WOOF
  • 8,472,899 KWOOF

In addition, the following has been bought back/burned across BSC/KCC as part of fee income:

  • 21,104 WOOF
  • 115,706 KWOOF

The following has been burned on KCC as a percentage of emissions to the dev wallet.

  • 71,799 WOOF

You can see the combined burn TXIDs here and here.

As previously stated, the following was burned as part of the lottery:

  • 157,914 WOOF

And don’t forget that 2% of the profits in the WOOF/KWOOF autocompounders are being burned on an ongoing basis!

LP Re-locked

The WOOF-BUSD initial liquidity PancakeSwap LP has been re-locked for one month, pending migration over to our native Shibance LP once we have full CoinGecko integration.

With September set to be a massive month for Shibance, we can’t wait to share this journey with you! Both NFT and lottery functionality will be launched on KCC, whilst the highly anticipated Launchpad will be released on both BSC and KCC! Hold on to your $WOOFs!

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