Shibance Development Update

You can’t stop this $WOOF!

“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it”

Attention Puppers!

As you already know, Shibance is working towards being the most successful Multichain DEX and LaunchPad in this space. The journey is not always a smooth one, however, we are working hard to produce the best outcome for our beloved community members. We wanted to give all our #ShibanceGang Puppers an update on some challenges that have arisen and some new developments.


  • We’ve noticed that there are a significant number of incorrectly filled entries on the airdrop whitelist form. Furthermore, there are also many entrants who have not completed all required tasks correctly. To give our loyal Puppers every opportunity to participate successfully in the airdrop, we will be posting the list of eligible whitelist addresses. This will be shared after the snapshot.
  • This means: If you filled in the airdrop form, but are not on the list, we will give you an extra two days to fill in this form (the deadline for this form is 23:59 UTC July 14th). We want to ensure that the launch is as smooth as possible and participants are not excluded due to small mistakes. We still have the original complete list of applicants. Any attempts by bad actors to illegitimately qualify will be easily stopped. (Note: The snapshot will still be taking place as previously scheduled on the 12th July)

Wallet Migration

  • We have also had many community members having difficulty setting up the recommended MetaMask wallet, successfully transferring their external wallet data, and also setting up the KCC network. We encourage our members to come and participate in community discussions. We can troubleshoot commonly experienced issues and help you set up everything successfully. We have decided to give people additional time to set up all wallet key requirements before launch.
  • We have been informed that KuCoin Community Chain’s (KCC) first stable coins will be released later this week!! This is extremely important and valuable information, which has forced us to reevaluate how we can launch the most functional and valuable DEX on the KCC mainnet. Stable coin pairings play a significant role in user adoption, as well as minimizing price correlation with other cryptocurrencies. We feel it is absolutely essential to include these soon-to-be-released KCC stable coins on our launch.

KCC Launch

  • Taking all of the above points into consideration, we have made the difficult but necessary decision, to move our launch by three days to the 16th of July. The snapshot for the KCC airdrop has not changed!
  • A detailed announcement on our tokenomics for the launch of Shibance will be released later today. We think our community will find this most interesting!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) We are launching on KuCoin Community Chain (KCC), is Shibance still functioning on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)?

A) YES, Shibance will be running two separate core DEX products on both KCC and BSC at the same time. Both projects will be developing simultaneously.

Q) Once I get the airdrop of $KWOOF, will $WOOF be affected?

A) NO! $KWOOF and $WOOF will be two independent coins with multiple forms of utility. The price of $KWOOF will not be dependent on $WOOF.

A final few WOOFs!

We appreciate that some members may be disappointed, however, Shibance’s number one priority is the successful and fair launch on KCC for our community of beloved Puppers. We have some very exciting developments and partnerships currently being formed. We will share this as soon as we can! Can you guess???

Last but not least, Shibance has just been listed on CoinMarketCap (CMC)!

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