Kucoin enables Stablecoin withdrawals to KCC — Shibance boosts KCC Stablecoin rewards!

$KWOOF brings good fortune and stability

Attention Puppers!

We’re pleased to announce that KuCoin has implemented stablecoin withdrawals to the KCC network from their CEX!

You can now easily withdraw USDT or USDC from your KuCoin account directly to your MetaMask wallet. This will allow you to provide liquidity in any of our stablecoin LP farms and receive great rewards.

To celebrate this, we are boosting our stablecoin pairing APRs for the next 7 days as follows:

  • KWOOF — USDT 30x (currently 15x)

For those users who have not already added USDT or USDC to your MetaMask, we have included the contract addresses for your convenience:

USDT : 0x0039f574ee5cc39bdd162e9a88e3eb1f111baf48

USDC : 0x980a5afef3d17ad98635f6c5aebcbaeded3c3430

Shibance is working hard on becoming the #1 DEX on KCC, and to achieve this, we will be providing the deepest stablecoin liquidity.

There are also lots of new listings to look forward to…. so stay tuned!

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